Garden landscaping in Surrey, beautiful transformations
by Diamond Landscaping

Diamond Landscaping has built an impressive reputation for professional landscape gardening
and garden design. We know how to make the most of your garden’s potential so that you can enjoy
it all year round.

Whether you simply want to enhance your garden with a water feature, need us to build a patio or are looking for a complete overhaul of your outdoor space, Diamond Landscaping can help. Our dedicated and experienced landscaping team will work closely with you to deliver quality work in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner. Our overriding aim is to exceed client expectations, no matter
how big or small the job may be.

Ready to be inspired?

Take a look at some of the gardens we’ve worked on or find out more about what Diamond Landscaping does. From our Surrey base we operate within a 50-mile radius  of Woking. The company is fully insured, including Public Liability Insurance cover of £1,000,000.

If you’re looking for garden design and landscaping services in Surrey, Hampshire or London
get in touch with Diamond Landscaping. Call us on 07798 785033 – we’d be delighted to discuss
your garden project.

  • FAQs

    How much will it cost?

    Until we visit to see the site and discuss what you want it’s very difficult to give a cost. If you’ve already set aside a budget for the work we’ll need to know what it is. We can then design and plan in line with that budget so that we use it in the most cost-effective way.

    Do I have to pay a deposit and do you provide a payment schedule?

    Once you’ve accepted our quotation we will provide a written contract that sets out our payment terms. We ask for a deposit prior to starting the work and, depending on the extent of the job, we request staged payments throughout the project.

    What if I change my mind about certain elements?

    If you change the specification of the materials or the layout, it may have an impact on cost. We will make you aware of any financial implications before going ahead.

    What happens if the weather turns bad during the project?

    Inevitably, there are times when the weather affects progress. We always endeavour to keep projects on track but in the event of very bad weather we will take a considered view of how it may impact the works and act accordingly.

    Do you work in the winter months?

    Yes we do. Naturally, the working day is shorter because of reduced daylight hours, but the winter months are also ideal for planning out new schemes.

    I know nothing about plants. What should I do and how do I look after my new garden?

    When we design gardens we also take into account our clients’ lifestyles and their interest in/knowledge of gardening. We can then be sure to design according to need or preference – if you want a low maintenance garden our planting scheme will reflect that, choosing plants that need little attention to thrive.

    Do you offer an aftercare service?

    Once your garden is completed we’ll arrange a further visit to inspect the work and note any issues. Any remedial work will be scheduled within XX days.

    I like the look of your work but how do I know Diamond Landscaping actually created those gardens?

    The photographs used on our website are all of gardens completed by Diamond Landscaping. And the testimonials are all from real people. If you would like to visit one of our gardens we can arrange this for you.

    What happens with all the waste materials?

    Diamond Landscaping takes responsibility for the removal of waste materials from your garden. Wherever possible, we will recycle suitable materials.


Diamond Landscaping offers
garden design, soft landscaping and hard landscaping services

At Diamond Landscaping we’ll work with you from initial concept to construction and planting.
We’ll take the time to understand your requirements so that we can deliver exactly what you want.
We’ll also offer professional advice and guidance throughout the project

Operating throughout Surrey, Hampshire and South London, Diamond Landscaping will also
work further afield depending on the size and suitability of the project.

Our services include:

Soft landscaping
Planting, including plant procurement
Lawns, including artificial lawns
Rockeries and terracing
Chipped stone areas and alpine gardens

Irrigation and land drainage

Site clearance and preparation
Groundworks, earthworks and grading

Water features
Streams and water courses, including bridges and islands
Formal ponds, including raised water features and koi ponds
Natural ponds

Compost areas

Tree work

Hard landscaping
Patios Terraces Paths
Swimming pool surrounds
Driveways and entrances
Raised beds and planters

Installation of sculptures & ornaments


Wood structures
Pergolas and gazebos
Sheds, greenhouses, beach huts
Playhouses Storage units
Decking Carports

Entertainment areas
Fire pits Barbecue areas Garden seating

Gates Trellising
Screening, soundproof screening
Picket fencing, wire fencing

Retaining walls Freestanding walls
Dry stone walls

Design and build
New build projects
Transformation of existing gardens
Planting schemes

Find out more about how we work or get in touch to discuss your garden project.

Get the most out of your garden with Diamond Landscaping

Today’s gardens are no longer just about rectangular lawns surrounded by flower borders. They are an extension of the home, an expression of your lifestyle. And why not! Gardens should be used and enjoyed all year round, adding an extra dimension to your living space – and landscaping is the perfect way to help your garden fulfil its potential.

The most important consideration is how you want to use your garden and what you want to achieve from a landscaping project. Do you plan to regularly entertain guests outside? Do you want to create a vegetable garden in a corner? Do you need a safe play area for your children? Or do you want to turn a boring space into something altogether more visually stimulating?

There are so many ways in which a garden can be enhanced. From decking to ornamental walls, there is any amount of elements that can be introduced to create a more welcoming space. And it doesn’t even have to be a complete overhaul – or cost a fortune!

Part of Diamond Landscaping’s expertise is in understanding how you want to use your garden, sharing ideas and options, and agreeing a plan that will fulfil your vision, suit your personal taste and not exceed your budget. Planning how to landscape your garden is an exciting and inspiring process – we hope that Diamond Landscaping can be part of your plan to transform your garden.

Diamond Landscaping creates stunning gardens in Surrey, Hampshire and South London.
Why not get in touch today for an informal chat and free no-obligation quotation.


We know that making improvements to your garden can involve a sizeable financial investment, so it’s only right that you know exactly what you’re going to get for your money. Diamond Landscaping believes in full transparency and we work hard to maintain an open and honest relationship with our clients.

  • Quotations

    Diamond Landscaping provides a free no-obligation quotation service. We’ll visit and assess the site, listen carefully to what you want to achieve and then provide detailed costs to deliver the project. We always endeavour to tailor our approach to individual requirements and to balance those requirements with the available budget.

  • Project planning

    We carefully plan in advance every stage of the project to ensure we’ll fulfil your brief, as well as ensuring that all practicalities and costs have been taken into account. We also believe in keeping you involved in the decision making process, whether it’s elements of the design or choice of products being used. We’ll even take you along to nurseries to finalise planting schemes or stone suppliers to compare different finishes.

  • Project management and reporting

    With strong project management Diamond Landscaping ensures that projects are delivered on budget and on time. We’ll liaise with your throughout the project so that you have a clear understanding of what is happening at every stage. Good communication is key to a successful project.

  • Professionalism

    We believe that continuous training gives the Diamond Landscaping team the extra edge. We are also doing everything we can to help re-establish the concept of craftsmen, skilled workers who are specialists in their particular field.

  • Trusted suppliers

    Over the years Diamond Landscaping has built up a network of suppliers that have consistently proven their reliability in terms of quality, reliability, service and value.

  • Working with respect

    Garden improvements and landscaping can be a messy job. Diamond Landscaping is committed to ensuring that any works in progress cause minimal disruption to our clients.

  • Taking responsibility

    In the event of a dispute or defective work, we will take action to ensure a satisfactory resolution can be reached. Diamond Landscaping is fully insured, including Public Liability insurance to the value of £1,000,000.

Don’t just take our word for it

After all, why should you? At Diamond Landscaping we are proud of our work and we always like potential clients to view previous projects. We are fortunate that many of our clients are happy to show off their gardens and our handiwork. We can also show you lots of before and after photographs that may give you extra inspiration!

Ready to make an appointment to meet us? Call Diamond Landscaping on 07798 785033

The Diamond Landscaping story

Diamond Landscaping was founded by Steve Preston in 1996. Having originally trained as a graphic designer, Steve’s passion for gardening led him down an alternative creative path to RHS Wisley, where he worked for four years. It was at Wisley that Steve developed his knowledge of plants and the necessary skills for landscaping.

Steve’s original vision for Diamond Landscaping was to simply do small garden jobs in his spare time. Over time the projects got bigger, the business grew and Steve built a strong and reliable team. Since 1996 Diamond Landscaping has worked on over 250 gardens, and today we work for both residential and business clients throughout Surrey and the South East. Much of our work comes through word
of mouth recommendation – for us, that is the greatest compliment any of
our clients can give.

The secret to Diamond Landscaping’s success is teamwork

Diamond Landscaping is led by Steve Preston, who is involved in each and every job. As the owner and founder of Diamond Landscaping Steve is committed to ensuring quality, consistency and good communication throughout the duration of each project.

Working with Steve are Jim Boulton, who has worked for Diamond Landscaping for 13 years, and Darren Beer, who joined the company in 2006. As supervisors, Jim and Darren are responsible for site management and deployment and supervision of staff. They also ensure that clients are regularly updated on progress or alerted to any issues that may arise.

Working with specialists

Diamond Landscaping also works with specialist subcontractors and consultants, all of whom are carefully selected and closely monitored to ensure they meet the company’s expectations – and those of our clients. We have established an extensive network of subcontractors that we can call on according to the scope and requirements of specific projects, including electricians, surfacing specialists, plumbers and tree surgeons.


Interested in sustainable and environmentally friendly gardens?

At Diamond Landscaping there’s nothing we like more than to incorporate environmentally friendly ideas into landscaping projects. We can make suggestions if you’re keen to move towards sustainable gardening, and we’re equally happy  to run with your own ideas.

Here are just a few easy ways in which we can help ensure your new garden goes beyond simply looking fantastic:

– Include fresh herbs in the planting scheme. As well as providing a range of scents that contrast with sweet smelling flowers, you’ll have a ready supply of herbs to use in your cooking.

– Dedicate some space to growing organic vegetables we can even get really creative and mix vegetables with flowers and shrubs if you don’t want a vegetable patch. The pleasure of growing and eating your own produce is immense!

– Fruiting trees help to store carbon in the soil and this helps cool the garden during the warm summer months. You also get to enjoy the produce!


– Keeping a garden well watered can often be a problem. We know how to set up efficient watering systems that won’t be wasteful.

– Encourage wildlife into your garden – we all know how important biodiversity is, and creating ideal habitats for bees, butterflies and birds is a really positive way of sustaining nature. Including trees such as buddleia or adding a bird bath are simple things to include in your plans.

– Start using a compost bin – it’s easy to design a screen so that it’s hidden from view. Composting is the natural way to dispose of waste and, over time, you’ll end up with nutrient-rich compost that will improve the quality of the soil in your garden.

Choosing your garden designer or landscape gardening company

There are lots of landscape gardeners out there. There are lots of very good companies out there, companies whose work we’d be proud to have in our portfolio. There are also companies out there that are more concerned about profit than aesthetics and practicalities.

Making improvements to your garden, no matter how extensive they may be, can involve a tidy sum of money, so it’s important that you have absolute confidence in the company you select to do the work.

For every garden designer or landscape gardener that you consider make sure you assess their suitability against this checklist:

Will you feel comfortable working with them?

Landscaping projects can take weeks to complete and you may be working closely with them, so do you think you have a good rapport?

Do they offer honest advice and guidance?

It’s your garden but a decent company will soon tell you if any of your ideas are not going to work or are beyond your budget. You are paying for their expertise and knowledge, so they should use it to ensure a solution that is both practical and meets – or even exceeds – your expectations.

Have they completed similar projects in the past?

If your plans involve hard landscaping and you meet with someone whose portfolio of work features only soft landscaping do not trust their assurances that they can do the work. There is someone else out there who can show absolute evidence of their skills.

Do you like the gardens they’ve designed?

Look through their portfolio. If you feel inspired by what you see, this could be the company for you. If there is nothing of interest, you need to move on.

Can they produce references?

Satisfied customers are usually very happy to provide letters of recommendation. Most companies will operate in a specific area so it’s highly likely that there will be a garden not far away that you may also be able to visit to see the quality of work at firsthand.

Are the costs fair?

Naturally, you’ll need to get several quotes in order to compare costs. Make sure that all aspects of the project are itemised and check that you’ve been given a quotation not an estimate. Estimates provide too many opportunities for extra costs to creep in. And never ever accept a verbal quote – insist that everything is put in writing.

Are they asking for cash payments?

Beware of this, particularly if you are being asked to make payments in advance of phased works.


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